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GP-AT Atmel Flash CPU Programmer


Product Summary




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Key Features

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Supported Devices

The following list is representative of the devices the GP-AT can program. You can add a new device if it is supported by an existing algorithm. For example, you could add a variant of the 89C51 with more memory than the 89C55. Also, you should be able to add any AVR (90Sxxxx) device that uses the standard AVR serial programming algorithm (up to 64k bytes maximum).

More details can be found in the GP-AT User's Manual (Adobe PDF format, about 58k bytes).

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  Exempt GST Including 10% GST Export
GP-AT Assembled and Tested $200 $220 $190 (about US$110)
SOIC20 Adaptor $120 $132 $120 (about US$70)
SOIC8 Adaptor $110 $121 $110 (about US$64)

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Trouble Shooting

Most customers have little or no trouble with the GP-AT programmer. However, in a few rare cases, problems do occur. Here is a list of things to check.

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